Teaching and Resisting Rape Culture #1

Our “Teaching and Resisting Rape Culture: A Roundtable on Pedagogical Experiences and Best Practices” Dramaturgy/Women and Theatre session at the 2018 ATHE conference in Boston had a lotta lotta stuff to cover. I’m going to do a few posts about it so the information is delivered in reasonable amounts.

First, Nandi Bynoe, Sexual Misconduct Resource Specialist from Tufts University, explained that the Obama administration’s 2011 “Dear Colleague” letter highlighted Title IX ‘s relevance to sexual assault and misconduct. The administration was responding to student activism on college campuses. According to a Department of Education fact sheet, the letter states “the requirements of Title IX cover sexual violence and to remind schools of their responsibilities to take immediate and effective steps to respond to sexual violence in accordance with the requirements of Title IX.” 

Nandi also reminded us that all college employees are mandated reporters except those doing religious pastoral work and medical/counseling staff regulated by HIPAA privacy. I would add that many adjunct instructors are not aware of this because they do not receive full HR orientations. In a different post, I’ll list a few resources about responding to student trauma.

After Nandi’s presentation, the following roundtable participants presented:

Jane Barnette, Department of Theatre, University of Kansas

“Dramaturgical Interventions for Content/Trigger Warning Purposes”

Jessica Brater, Montclair State University

“Teaching and Resisting Rape Culture in the Early Modern European Canon”

Lynn Deboeck, University of Utah

“Providing New Scripts to Combat Rape Culture Apathy”

Huihui Huang, Indiana University

“Sexual Violence and Resistance in The White-Haired Girl

Catherine M. Young, Princeton University

“Teaching Lynn Nottage’s Ruined and Danai Gurira’s Eclipsed Back-to-Back”

RESPONDENT: Martine Green-Rogers, Department of Theatre Arts, SUNY New Paltz




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