Sara Warner’s Interview about Paula Vogel

The On TAP podcast (TAP stands for Theatre & Performance Studies) has been providing some really interesting conversations. This On TAP Special episode with Cornell’s Sara Warner deserves a special listen and is relevant to those across academia and beyond.

In the 1970s CORNELL DID NOT GIVE WOMEN FELLOWSHIPS for graduate study. Women were only allowed to have teaching assistantships (i.e. be cheap labor). Paula Vogel, one of the most important US playwrights, completed a dissertation with a feminist / revisionist methodology and, due to faculty changes, was blocked from receiving her doctorate.

Forty stankin’ years later, after Vogel transformed the landscape of US  drama and playwriting pedagogy, Cornell professor Sara Warner fiercely and ferociously redressed an institutional wrong. This is such an important story about queer lives, about women’s working conditions, about sexism in academia, and about triumph. I’m crying again! Thank you Sarah Bay-Cheng for taking the time to record this totally intimate but totally public piece of oral history!

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